The Massage Dog Shampoo Bar - Hydrating, Soothing, & Great for Itchy Dogs

A newer trend in pet care is encouraging pet owners to keep their pets' health and well-being at the forefront of their mind, especially as it relates to finding more natural ways to treat and care for their pets. One way of doing this is by using dog shampoos in bar form and taking advantage of their benefits over liquid shampoo varieties. In this blog, we will state 5 reasons why you should buy a Massage Dog Shampoo Bar

  1. It creates less waste- no plastic. The biggest benefit to using Dog Shampoo Bars over liquid shampoo is the reduction of waste. They allow owners to use the bar repeatedly, only needing to buy a new bar when the old one is completely gone. Also, once it's completely gone you won't have to throw away a plastic bottle.
  2. Lasts longer than liquid dog shampoo. Depending on how often you bathe your dog, one dog shampoo bar can last for months or a year. 
  3. It’s more natural and less processed. The difference between liquid dog shampoo and a shampoo bar is that there are less chemicals involved in making a shampoo bar, since it is natural, there is less likelihood of it feeling dry or irritating to the skin and coat of your pet. Our oatmeal shampoo bar is best if you have an itchy dog. 
  4. It costs less than liquid dog shampoo. If you have ever bought natural dog shampoo, you are aware that a bottle of shampoo will run you mid to high $20. Most shampoo bars are half the price of liquid dog shampoos (our shampoo bars are $10).

  5. Your dog gets a massage. Our shampoo bars double as a massage bar. The raised nubs will make your pet feel like they're at the spa, making bath time more enjoyable. 

Overall, the Massage Dog Shampoo Bar is an amazing alternative to dog liquid shampoo. The ingredients in the massage dog shampoo bar do a great job at cleaning your pet’s coat and at conditioning it so their fur shines. Also, it does not leave residue on your dog's coat, but it is necessary to rinse your pet thoroughly as recommended. The massage dog shampoo bar is simple to use and comes in different scents (Oatmeal Fragrance-Free, Lemongrass, and Lavender) so that you can choose the scent that your dog prefers.

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