5 Thanksgiving Dog Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is a day of good food and good company. Enjoy the holiday while implementing these tips to keep your dog safe on Thanksgiving. 

  1. Give your pet a safe space to relax away from the holiday commotion. Provide toys and treats to entertain your dog while guests are over. Grab Vegan Organic Dog Treats from our shop (Bark Organix).
  2. Guard and take out the trash. Make sure your dog doesn't sample food- some Thanksgiving foods can be toxic to dogs.
  3. Be aware of festive decor. Keep pets away from floral arrangements, candles, and other potential dangers.
  4. Take out your dog for a walk before the guests arrive.
  5. Be aware of dangerous toxic foods like turkey skin/bones, raisins/grapes, corn cobs, sweets, alcohol, mushrooms, garlic, onion, bread rolls, etc. 
Have a safe Thanksgiving!
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