5 Halloween Dog Safety TIps

No tricks, just tips to keep your dog safe on Halloween. We recommend implementing these 5 dog safety tips to keep your dog safe and happy. 

  1. Keep glow sticks out of reach. The chemicals in glow sticks can be toxic to pets, even the ones labeled non-toxic. 
  2. Double check your dog's costume for any choking hazards. Make sure your dog is comfortable in its costume or just skip the costume altogether. 
  3. Keep sweets out of reach and throw candy wrappers away. Dogs are curious so it's best to throw away those wrappers immediately.
  4. Take your dog out for a walk/exercise your dog before the trick or treaters arrive. It is best to get them tired so they won't have so much energy when the trick or treaters arrive.
  5. Make sure your pet has their ID tags on and watch the door. Dogs can be sneaky and run out once they see the door open so make sure they have their ID tags.
Have a safe Halloween! Also, your dog wants Halloween treats of their own so grab them some dog treats in our shop.
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