Minimal Ingredients.

Meet Oliver, Lead Taste Tester

3, only here for the belly rubs and treats. He's very picky, prefers people over dogs, and dogs no matter the size over toys. Fresh baked treats are his thing, hold the preservatives and artificial ingredients.

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Pet Grooming

Our pet hygiene line includes dental gel, toothbrush, pet deodorizing spray, microfiber towel and soaps so natural even humans can use. Our all natural soaps and pet spray has oatmeal to protect the barrier on our pets skin. Which helps relieve itching from allergies, dandruff, and bug bites.

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Pupcakes - Pickup Only

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Humble Beginning

My name is Sasha, I'm a Jamaican immigrant who moved to Miami at 9 years old and grew up to be who she wanted to be. I founded Bark Organix in 2019 while I was still on active duty in the U.S. Navy. The idea behind Bark Organix was inspired after I adopted my dog Oliver. After leaving the Navy and realizing that our vegan treats were great for picky dogs, I decided to sell them to other Dog Moms and Dads.

Bark Organix specializes in making homemade baked-to-order treats for dogs, with ingredients from our local farmers market. Dogs know the difference between store-bought treats and Bark Organix’ hand-crafted, homemade treats. In addition to being healthy, delicious, and attractive, our treats are vegan, made without corn, soy, sugar, salt, artificial flavors, or colors and fillers.

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